Green9 | What We Do
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What We Do

About This Project

WE Design Places and Buildings ARCHITECTURE in an urban landscape

WE Design LANDSCAPES within the City

WE Prepare Sustainable development Strategies for sites of all scales

WE Fight to Empower Communities to manage and maintain their own PLACE

WE Host Workshops and Courses on SUSTAINABLE CITIES”

WE Design and Build prototypes to explore the potential of BIOTECH in Architecture

WE Embrace and deliver BIM and celebrate its visionary game changing potential.

WE Produce Environmental CGI’s



WE Support the fight for Agrarian Revolution + Enlightened Agriculture – Colin Tudge

WE Aim to maximize Bio Diversity

WE Fight for Air Purification

WE Support organized monitored planting, Square Foot Gardening

WE Encourage Conservation and aim for Zero Carbon, Zero Waste

WE Encourage Maximizing and inhabiting Thermal Mass

WE Advocate Lots of Plants, not much meat, and maximum variety! – Colin Tudge

WE Promote Aquaponics + Hydroponics (no soil!)

WE Celebrate the Individual within the Collective

WE Support the idea of Science Assisted Craft – Colin Tudge

WE Design for Adaptation and Change

WE Believe in the importance of Trade (Fair trade!)

WE Fight Food Poverty and WE Fight Obesity

WE Promote a holistic approach to Health and Well Being

WE Celebrate Variety and Diversity

WE Embrace the philosophy of Cradle to Cradle Circular Economy

WE Fight to Protect Habitats and fight to prevent Over Harvesting

WE Recognize the necessity for Global and Local Lifestyle change

WE Practice Reflexology and occasionally consult the I Ching

WE Focus on securing a sustainable supply of Food, Water, and Energy




WE Aim to help shape a future world where we breathe clean air, where we have access to nutrient rich locally grown organic food and an abundant supply of fresh water.


Where we no longer waste water, where we no longer waste space

Where we no longer waste time, where we no longer waste energy

Where we no longer waste food, where we no longer waste waste!




WE Have fun, Laugh a lot, retreat into Beat headphones and the iTunes library. Follow Manchester City home and away, Love our family, consume slightly too much Sushi, Asahi and coffee!


WE Travel the world debating testing exploring challenging observing analyzing urban habitats in search of Sustainable Cities and opportunities to plant seeds of hope and optimism for a spectacular future world.